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ON distant shores

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         Wes Snowden is an author primarily as a result of an unforeseen event. A born storyteller, Wes would often find himself surrounded by groups of excited kids. Their high-pitched voices demanding to hear the latest chapter on the adventures of Pirate Joe, or The Lost Princess, The Magic Opal, or whatever was current.
         One day, a good a teacher friend listened in. At her gentle insistence, Wes was encouraged to commit those early verbal stories to paper for the benefit of future generations of youngsters.
         However, as is often the case in life, that first bite of the apple produced an intense desire for more. After honing his craft writing several children and young adult books, Wes now focuses on writing unique, entertaining full-length stories for adults.
         White Swan Wishes, Zachary's Gold, One Last Move, and The Leprechaun Wars will be joined by Firebug, the latest novel in the fall of 2020.
         After a successful career as an international business owner, Wes now spends his writing time between Toronto, Vancouver, and Scottsdale, Arizona.

I haven’t read a book as gripping as that since Grisham or Sheldon! Love the plot twists and prankster characters!!! I couldn't put it down!

Tara Mellstrom,

Snowfall in Venice, Amazon Review

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